Dragons Through Record

posted on 01 Apr 2014 08:23 by curlershare21
The Dragon has played a crucial part in urban myths and beliefs since pre-historic times. The real history of dragons dates back at least six thousand years, and you can find monster stories and legends from every continent except Antarctica. Learn further on our partner article by navigating to wealth dragons. In virtually every culture, and all throughout history, you will find stories of those mythical and mysterious creatures called dragons. Different people have different theories of why so many cultures developed such a resilient belief in dragons; however, none can actually be confirmed. Many think that dragons were what we now call dinausaurs. It could be that dragon experiences partly grew from people finding dinosaur bones. The thought is that when dragon bones were made up later, they were given the newest group of dinosaur. Many evolutionists think that dinosaurs became extinct an incredible number of years before man walked our planet, while some claims challenge this. It is stated that dinosaur fossils, which have been found together with human footprints and stays, add proof to the ancient people's history of dragons. The others feel that people forgot that dragons were actually true, and quickly passed into mythology. In virtually every culture and all throughout history you can find stories of these marvelous beings called dragons. Later, in Europe these dragons in art-forms were considered to be real life animals rather than symbols of evil. Through the duration of several countries, dragons may have appeared different, nevertheless they have always maintained exactly the same basic core elements. When many people think of dragons they generally think of fire-breathing monsters, but initially dragons were usually associated with water. For the ancient Chinese, dragons weren't creatures of fire, as therefore many would think, but rather creatures of water. The monster of the Chinese resided in rivers, lakes, pools and rose in great clouds of mist to promote rain. In ear-lier Mideast reports, the dragons 're normally related to water and wisdom. Historians make use of this conection with water to separate dragons from other mythical animals. Should people choose to dig up further about privacy, there are many online resources you might think about pursuing. American dragons are seen differently, while the east seems that the monster is really a divine, mythical creature that brings fortune, wealth and bounty. They fling their colossal tails about, and they're connected to the element fire, and viciously produce damage. Learn further about analyze wealth dragons by navigating to our stylish link. The contrary views of the east and the west reveal other views where individuals considered dragons as a symbols of peace and knowledge, or symbols of chaos and evil. Neither would disagree that dragons were viewed as powerful creatures. This, combined with large difference in the actual explanation of dragons, contributes to confusion in the meaning of a dragon. The humans respected the dragons, some clans even calling them gods. Hence, dragons were held in high regard, and their pictures kept and used, to get their acceptance. Initially, it was thought that dragons were the ones who spoke directory to the Gods. It was also thought at the moment that earthquakes were due to battles between dragons and gods. In history, a variety of countries started to embrace the notion of gods fighting with dragons to replace order. The monster may be old, but it remains as important today as it did four thousand years back. For other viewpoints, consider checking out: wealth dragons website. To-day, the popularity of dream, and such role-playing games as Dungeons and Dragons, implies that dragon options are a hot item. Online stores selling dragon things have popped up including http://www.dragon-gifts.com.